Monday, May 31, 2010


The story We Beat the Streets by Sharon M. Draper is the remarkable true story of how three kids from bad neighborhoods that were just full of drugs, gangs, violence, and crime and how they banded together to overcome these disadvantages to become doctors. They made a pact to do well in school, get good grades, go to college, and become successful doctors. They did this by always being there for one another and supporting each other whenever they needed it the most. Without the support of one another, they each would probably not have accomplished their dreams and most likely would have just became another nameless victim of the streets where each of them grew up.
The story starts out by first telling the back stories of each of the three main characters who would later become doctors. The first character that you read about is Sampson. The book tells about his first experience with doctors and hospitals when he was just a little kid. When he was just six years old, he broke his foot and had to go to the hospital to get a cast.
Then the book starts to talk about Rameck. Now he never had an accident or an incident that required him to go to the hospital, he kind of doesn’t realize his dream of becoming a doctor until he goes and sees an orientation for medical and dental school with Sampson and the third main character George. There Rameck realizes that he should become a doctor and decides to chase after his dream with the assistance of his two best friends.
The book then finally starts to talk the third and final character of the story, George. George wants to become a dentist. He first decides upon this profession when he had to go see the dentist when he was just a little kid. He had to get braces and was very excited. One of the reasons he wanted to become a dentist was because of the dentist that he had. George really liked him and this dentist had a great influence on George.
Then the story starts to talk about each of their own lives, including family, school, and friends. Each of them came from a troubled area and had a tough childhood. They each had their own personal family problems and also had money problems that made their family lives harder. Each of them did not think they would go to college because of the fact that college costs money and they did not think that they had enough money to get that far in life.
Another thing that held Rameck, George, and Sampson back were each of their own personal groups of friends. All of their friends seemed to be more harmful then helpful, always getting them in trouble, whether it is from drugs, violence, crime, or with the police. Their friends were definitely a negative influence.
Then it talks about their schooling and how each of them met and started to hang out with one another. The book talks about how they stood by each other and helped one another out throughout their lives.


  1. it was a very good summary it had a lot of details it showed what happen in there lives with there famliy and when they stool from the stores and etc it was very well thank yuou

  2. This book was excellent and an inspiration for young people of any race. Great role models.